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From Childhood Dreams to a Life Rich in Meaning

At 48, Pyke van Dieren shares his evolution from aspiring to be “rich” to cherishing a life filled with love, passion, and purpose. This website, his sole online space away from social media’s prying eyes, offers a unique glimpse into the life of a successful entrepreneur and investor, a devoted family man, and a visionary who values privacy and authenticity. Join him here to explore his journey, successes, and the profound lessons learned along the way.



Empowering Journeys

My path to impact

In 2022, I launched Chat30sec, integrating the power of AI with the 5 Transformations to combat insecurity. This platform is a testament to our vision that everyone deserves to chase their dreams without fear.

For more info or visit chat30sec.com

Simultaneously in 2022, Innervoice.io was born from the belief that mastering your inner voice is synonymous with mastering life. It stands as a beacon for those ready to transform their dreams into reality. For more info or visit innervoice.io
By 2020, Autheos, my brainchild, was acclaimed and then acquired by Icecat N.V. in 2021. This journey wasn’t just about business success; it was about realizing the profound impact of presence, stepping in as CEO during challenging times and steering the company towards greater heights. more info: Icecat N.V. acquires Autheos
In 2021, BulletProofVentures emerged from a lifetime of experiences, aiming to uplift entrepreneurs often overlooked by conventional institutions. This venture embodies resilience, offering a lifeline to those determined to redefine success. for more info visit bulletproofventures.com
Between 2017-2020, I chose family over career, embracing the role of a stay-home dad. This period wasn’t just about parenting; it was a deep dive into personal growth, learning, and laying the groundwork for future ventures that would impact families and entrepreneurs alike.
From 2012-2017, I founded and led Autheos, guiding it to become a powerhouse in e-commerce video technology. Selling the company was a milestone, marking a transition from creating and scaling to advising and guiding from afar. more info: Icecat N.V. acquires Autheos
Beginning in 2006 with Dentalcast, I ventured into the world of video distribution, eventually achieving a dominant market position in the Netherlands. This initial foray into entrepreneurship laid the groundwork for my belief in the power of innovation, resilience, and the impact of supporting others’ dreams alongside my own. Each of these chapters reflects not just a business journey, but a commitment to transformation, growth, and the profound belief that everyone has the capacity to overcome obstacles and achieve greatness. for more info visit dentalcast.eu

First Jobs

Trailblazing Early Years

My professional prelude

IBM: A Technological Springboard

At IBM, amidst the union of consultancy and technology, I found myself at the crossroads of opportunity and challenge. My journey within IBM’s ex-PWC business consultancy ensemble was marked by my drive to leverage technology in making giants like Basel II and Sarbanes-Oxley compliant. Yet, navigating the corporate labyrinth proved to be a Herculean task. My entrepreneurial spirit yearned for more than what the confines of IBM could offer. This was a crucible that tempered my resolve to embark on my own venture, a decision fueled by a blend of gratitude and a desire for autonomy.

The Consultancy Crucible

My tenure at PriceWaterhouseCoopers was an immersive dive into the heart of business consulting within the financial sector. Engaging with behemoths like Delta Lloyd and Achmea, I honed my expertise in corporate governance and financial auditing standards. Here, amidst the intricate tapestry of corporate structures and processes, I cultivated a nuanced understanding of organizational dynamics, an experience that laid the groundwork for my entrepreneurial aspirations.

STE: Guardian of Market Integrity

Serving at STE, the precursor to the Dutch AFM, was akin to being a custodian of the financial market’s sanctity. My role involved rigorous supervision and enforcement, ensuring the compliance of market giants. This period was marked by high-profile investigations and the crafting of compliance guidelines, instilling in me a profound sense of responsibility and the limitations of growth within rigid structures, fueling my resolve for broader horizons.

From Aspiration to Revelation

Starting my career at Arthur Andersen was a testament to my ambition and tenacity. Here, in the crucible of auditing and consulting, I confronted the duality of visibility and vulnerability. This experience was a revelation, exposing the perils of conformity and the importance of integrity. My departure, ahead of the firm’s scandal, was a poignant affirmation of my instinct to pursue a path less trodden, setting the stage for my entrepreneurial journey.


Lifelong Learner

The unconventional path to wisdom
After graduation, I naively thought my education was complete, only to discover that true learning begins when formal education ends. This realization became my awakening to a world where knowledge knows no bounds. My journey over the past two decades has been a testament to the joy of continuous learning, shaping not just my career but enriching my family life as well. This perpetual student of life ethos drives me to devour books, engage with thought leaders, and immerse myself in diverse fields, forever changing how I view the world and navigate my personal and professional endeavors.
Embarking on the Postmaster Accountancy program at the University of Amsterdam was akin to undertaking a PhD in my field. Proudly acing exams and navigating the rigorous demands of this pinnacle of academic achievement, I faced a pivotal moment when the path to becoming a Certified Auditor was obstructed by bureaucratic hurdles. Choosing to forgo the title rather than compromise my professional momentum, I embraced a broader perspective on education and success, underscoring my belief in the value of knowledge over titles. Note: Nowadays many things have changed and Accountancy is somehow even called Assurance. So see: more info on University of Amsterdam more info on Praktijkopleiding Assurance more or info on NivRa
My undergraduate years laid the groundwork for my financial and business acumen. Eager to not waste a moment, I balanced academics with working four days a week, a testament to my commitment to practical learning and early career development. This blend of education and real-world experience set a foundation that would underpin my future ventures, illustrating my drive to excel beyond the conventional academic path. note:The Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences (AUAS) is a four-year full-time bachelor’s program designed as a pre program for the (three year) Postmaster program.
My formative years in education were marked by a rebellious indifference to rote learning, reflecting a system more concerned with conformity than fostering genuine curiosity. Yet, this period planted the seeds of a lifelong pursuit of knowledge, retrospectively shaping my appreciation for learning’s true value. Despite any regrets about not pursuing higher academic tracks, my journey underscores that every experience, conventional or not, contributes to our ultimate path in life. Each phase of my educational journey reflects not just a series of academic achievements, but a deep-seated belief in the transformative power of learning, curiosity, and the relentless pursuit of personal growth. more info on Mendelcollege


The Mosaic of Expertise

A lifetime of curiosity and innovation

My fascination with neuroscience and biohacking underscores a personal commitment to exploring the future of humanity. As I aim for the ambitious age of 180, the realms of longevity, nootropics, stem cell therapy, supplements, and mindset are not just interests but pathways to transformation. I eagerly welcome connections to share insights and breakthroughs in these pivotal areas.

The essence of marketing, for me, lies in its challenge to captivate niche audiences without the leverage of substantial budgets. My passion thrives in the creativity required to navigate the digital marketing landscape, emphasizing the importance of understanding target audiences, refining marketing strategies, and mastering the art of conversion. It’s a field where learning never ceases, driven by the relentless evolution of consumer engagement.

Brand building, in my view, is the crucible of creativity and authenticity. It’s about diving deep into the core of what a company represents, far beyond superficial name-dropping. In today’s era of independence and self-reliance, personal branding emerges as a critical challenge, inviting innovative approaches to brand strategy, positioning, content design, and strategy. My dedication to brand excellence is unwavering, fueled by a love for engaging in profound dialogues on branding’s evolving dynamics.

Technology’s impact on our lives is undeniable, and my entrepreneurial ventures reflect a deep-rooted belief in its transformative power. Choosing a broad technological perspective over specialization in programming has allowed me to remain agile and visionary across sectors such as HealthTech, Mediatech, MarketingTech, and FinTech. My interests span cloud computing, DevOps, UX design, and databases, reflecting a holistic tech enthusiasm.

My foundational years in finance as an accountant, consultant, and interim professional laid the groundwork for a comprehensive understanding of the financial realm. While my focus has since expanded to branding, marketing, technology, and biohacking, my expertise in IFRS, business planning, financing, and cash flow management remains sharp, ready to guide those navigating financial complexities.
This eclectic expertise portfolio showcases not just a career but a life dedicated to endless learning, innovation, and helping others navigate the complexities of the modern world. Join me in this journey of discovery and transformation, where each domain of knowledge opens new doors to personal and professional growth.




Building Bridges

A legacy of connection and innovation

ING, a global financial institution offering banking services to millions, played a pivotal role in my entrepreneurial journey. Despite the uncertainties surrounding my first business venture, ING’s willingness to extend a significant loan exemplified their trust in potential and innovation. This act of faith, fueled by my determination and a robust business plan, allowed me to navigate through challenges and ultimately repay the loan in full, marking the beginning of my successful entrepreneurial path.

Bol.com, the largest online retailer in the Netherlands, became a long-term client of Autheos, underscoring the power of strategic partnerships. Over five years, my direct involvement with Bol.com facilitated a mutual growth trajectory, highlighting the importance of reliable, innovative solutions in the fast-paced e-commerce sector. This collaboration not only solidified Autheos’s market position but also reinforced my reputation for delivering excellence in digital commerce.

My collaboration with KPN, a leading telecommunications and IT provider, was instrumental in launching Dentalcast across the Netherlands. Thanks to KPN’s support, we equipped over 120 dental practices with advanced digital signage systems, showcasing the impact of strategic partnerships on business scalability and the transformative potential of combining healthcare with cutting-edge technology to enhance patient experience.

The partnership with Henry Schein, a Fortune 500 company and a global distributor of healthcare products and services, was a cornerstone for Dentalcast’s success. Our collaboration for three years not only expanded Dentalcast’s footprint in the Dutch dental market but also exemplified the synergy between entrepreneurial vision and corporate strength, driving innovation and customer satisfaction in healthcare practices.

The unique position of Autheos and Dentalcast allowed me to establish connections with over 450 major brands, including industry giants like Samsung, Apple, Sony, L’Oréal, Unilever, and Google. These partnerships were not just business transactions; they were a testament to the power of innovation, trust, and the ability to meet the diverse needs of global markets. Each relationship contributed to a rich tapestry of experiences, underscoring my commitment to building sustainable, impactful businesses. Through these narratives, my journey reflects not just personal success but a deep-seated belief in the transformative power of relationships, innovation, and philanthropy in business. Join me in exploring the possibilities that arise when ambition meets action, and how together, we can shape a future defined by collaboration, growth, and positive change.
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