Why a entrepreneur who is in the business for 15 years – still sometimes works for another CEO or entrepreneur

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Learning and Growth: Being an entrepreneur can be a fulfilling and rewarding experience, but it can also be isolating and limiting in terms of professional development. Working for a “boss” (other CEO) can provide the opportunity to learn from other experienced mentors and gain new skills and perspectives.

Networking: Being an entrepreneur can make it challenging to build professional relationships and networks, especially with a character as mine (all or nothing). So working for a boss can provide me with an additional opportunity to work with and learn from a diverse group of people in a professional setting.

Work-Life Balance: Being an entrepreneur can be demanding and time-consuming, with no clear boundaries between work and personal life. So sometimes working for a boss can provide more structure and balance in terms of working hours and time off. And this benefits not only me, but also my five children.

Resources: Being an entrepreneur can be challenging when it comes to accessing resources such as technologyand equipment. Working for a boss of a lager or totally different business can provide access to additional resources that can help me as an entrepreneur achieve more goals more efficiently.

Reach New Market: Working for a big company can help me reach new markets and build new connections, because e.a. a fortune 500 company has a broader reach.

Ultimately, for me as an entrepreneur and my decision to sometimes work (interim) for a boss is a personal one, based on my goals and priorities.

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