Why I do not prefer an advisory board or board of directors position – but instead choose to work as interim role – while maintaining my CEO role at my own company.

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As an experienced entrepreneur, one might think that the ultimate goal is to fulltime run their own company and call the shots. However, this is not always the case. Some entrepreneurs, like me, seek to work for other companies as it provides them with new challenges and opportunities to learn. This can be particularly appealing for those who have been running their own businesses for a long time and are looking for a change.

An interim position at a company offers the chance to work in a different environment, surrounded by different people, processes, and approaches. This exposure can be invaluable for an entrepreneur looking to expand their skill set, gain new perspectives, and bring fresh ideas back to their own business.

Additionally, serving in an interim role allows an entrepreneur to make a direct impact within a company, whereas an advisory or supervisory board position may only offer a more passive role. By working closely with the team, an interim executive can offer hands-on support and bring their expertise to the table.

In conclusion, an interim executive position – for me –  is a valuable experience for me as an experienced entrepreneur. It provides me with even more opportunities to learn, grow, and make a tangible impact, all while maintaining my own CEO position at my own company. This is a win-win situation for both me as entrepreneur and the company I am are working for.

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