Why should anyone (obsiously) hire a mid-life seasoned entrepreneur instead of 30 year young person

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An objective perspective: There are several reasons why a company might choose to hire a 48-year-old over a 30-year-old for a particular position. Some of these reasons include:

Experience: A 48-year-old candidate has more years of experience in the workforce than a 30-year-old candidate. This experience can bring a wealth of knowledge, skills, and perspective to the job, which can be valuable for a company.

Maturity: A 47-year-old candidate has more maturity and life experience, which is beneficial in a leadership or management role. They may be able to approach problems and challenges with a more level-headed and measured approach.

Stability: A 48-year-old candidate is more likely to be stable and committed to the job, as they may have a more established personal and professional life.

Professionalism: A 48-year-old candidate has more professional experience, which can help them to navigate the complexities of business and understand how to best serve the company.

Wisdom: A 48-year-old candidate has seen more in their life, they have more wisdom, they can anticipate more and can be more efficient in decision making.

Networking: A 48-year-old candidate has developed a wide professional network over the years, which can be beneficial for a company in terms of business development and partnerships.

And yes of course in general: It’s important to note that age alone should not be the deciding factor in hiring a candidate. Qualifications, skills, and experience should be the most important factors in determining the best candidate for the job.

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