Why is an entrepreneur who is in the – success building business -is not featured in the Forbes – but is still successful

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There are several reasons why a middle aged entrepreneur may not be considered “super rich” in terms of financial wealth, but still be considered successful in many areas of their life (A general perspective):

  1. Different definitions of success: Success can be defined in many different ways, and for some people, success is not necessarily about accumulating huge amounts of wealth. For example, some people may define success as having a fulfilling career, a strong family and social network, or making a positive impact in their community.
  2. Prioritizing other goals: Some people may have chosen to prioritize other goals in their life over accumulating wealth. For example, they may have chosen to invest their time and resources into their family, education, or personal growth.
  3. Unexpected life events: Unexpected life events such as divorce, illness, or job loss, or rug pulls can significantly impact a person’s financial situation. Such events can make it difficult to accumulate wealth, even with a successful career.
  4. Different career paths: Some careers may not be as financially lucrative as others, but they can still be considered successful. For example, a person may have chosen a career in teaching, non-profit, or the arts, which may not provide the same financial rewards as a career in finance or technology.
  5. Different financial circumstances: A person’s financial circumstances may have not allowed them to accumulate wealth, even if they have had a successful career. For example, they may have had to support family members, or they may have had to live in a high cost of living area.

It’s worth noting that, success is subjective and can mean different things to different people. Being financially super successful does not necessarily mean that one is successful in all aspects of life and vice versa. And huge financial success is not a destination, it’s a journey and its an ongoing process.

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